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Visit our Substack!

Pen News provides stories to some of the most widely-read media outlets in the world, but you can read all of our work – including some articles that have never been published elsewhere – on our Substack. 

What's the story?

Since 2017, Pen News has been sourcing an eclectic mix of stories for mainstream media publishers.


We've written about history, like the discovery of lost treasure and sunken ships. Sometimes it's scientific, like the finding of an unknown species or a breakthrough new study. Our foreign correspondence has unearthed fresh insights into North Korea. We've created animal stories; showcasing heart-pounding shark footage and leaving scientists puzzled by mysterious creatures. And our viral stories cover everything from ghostly goings-on to the consumer world gone weird.

Now you have the opportunity to read all our work in one place with the Pen News Substack.

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